Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Drawing up a storm

As per my last post, I've been taking a bit of a break from crafting to recharge my creative batteries, as it were.
I have still been creating but rather than papercrafting, I've been drawing. :)
I've done a whole bunch of sketches recently and have turned several of them into digi stamps. All these stamps are now available in the Stitchy Bear Digi Outlet:


And I've been playing with the original pencil sketches which I used for the digi stamps, colouring them in in different mediums...
I coloured in Flora using my Prismacolor pencils (this scan doesn't really do it justice - my scanner seems to struggle to pick up the subtleties of pencil colouring):
And I shaded in Forest Elf just using a plain HB pencil:
I've also done some other fun drawings recently... for a "Draw Me" challenge, I responded to a challenge to draw myself as a character from Doctor Who and drew myself as a Time Lord:
And for a challenge to draw a crossover of Sherlock with a video game, I drew Sherlock and Watson as, respectively, a Mage and a Paladin from World of Warcraft! :D

I'm really enjoying getting back in drawing and sketching. Am even looking into possibly taking some art classes in the summer term...


Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

* Shell B.* said...

Glad your back to your drawings, love the new one!
Shell in Alaska : )
http://ask stamping.blogspot.com

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