Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WOYWW - 12 October 2011

Yes, my friends, another Wednesday is upon us... already! Where does the time go to? How can it be October already?! It barely seems like a couple of months since Mia was born and yet here I am having to start thinking about what the heck to get her for her first birthday... and how to separate her christmas eve birthday from the big day itself!

But enough of all that... for Wednesday is no ordinary day for us crafters, no siree, for it's the day when we share a peek at what's going on on our desks and follow the links over at Julia's Stamping Ground blog to take a traipse around the world, one desk at a time. :)

My desk features a recent make and my Stampin' Scrub as I had reached the point where all my acrylic blocks had dirty acrylic stamps stuck to them so I had to have a bit of a stamp cleaning blitz! All cleaned and nicely put away now.

And while I was in the cleaning/tidying mood, I also blitzed the constantly growing heap of paper scraps that had swallowed the computer area of my desk:

Look, you can actually see the keyboard! I might now actually be able to fire up the computer without having to gingerly lift a teetering pile of paper to try and stab out my password to login! :lol:

Of course, it's very likely that by next Wednesday the keyboard will be buried again. But still.. a girl can dream. :)

Thanks for stopping by on your trip around the WOYWW desks - please do leave a comment to say hi. :)


Debs Willis said...

Ahhh another desk disappearing udner a crafty side slide! sign of a happy crafter!


Debs x

jude said...

good luck with the Blitz when you finished by all; means pop by mine and blitz mine!lol
Desperatly needs doing just not got energy.
Have fab creative week
hugs judex28

Elizabeth said...

I've just discovered the wonder that is the Stampin' Scrub at the class I attend on Monday mornings and think I need to get one for the craft space - it works wonders on stamps. May the blitz continue - so we can see more of that keyboard next week perhaps :) Elizabeth x #53

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I like the blacks and purples of the card in the back of shot - something for Halloween maybe??
Well done for clearing your scraps - I've got a pile on my desk after bunt cutting, must make them into draught excluder filling or something!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Looks like a Halloween card is in the background. I've seen those Stampin Scrubs, but never considered buying one, since I probably don't stamp more than a few times a year. Happy belated WOYWW from # 11.

l00pyscraftcreations said...

oh look, just like mine, starting to feel better now!! Proper crafter!!
Ta hun for the peek, hope you got to the pc, lol

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