Friday, 17 May 2013

I've just realised....'s Friday already and I completely and utterly forgot about WOYWW this week. :/
It's been a crazy busy time lately. I've had a houseguest for most of the week (one of my best friends who had to move away to Scotland for her hubby's work a few years ago but who is now - hurrah!! - moving back to Yorkshire... in fact, that was the reason for her visit - househunting! :D) so I've had company in the evenings... which has been lovely,, but it's meant my craft room has been sorely neglected.
Not only that but I seem to have been running around like a mad thing every single day this week, dealing with not only the usual kiddy classes and pre-school run but deliveries of DD1's new bed and mattress, engineer appointments (to fix the suddenly noisy fridge-freezer), phone calls to chase DD2's hospital appointment that we'd still not received 6 months after she was referred, and the joys - oh, the inexpressible joys! - of having to deal with HMRC to get the year end completed and filed. Eep.
I'd say thank goodness it's nearly the weekend but hubby and I have got to build DD1's bed this weekend and I've planned to finish the redecoration of her room that I started months ago (including painting a princess mural on her wall!). Oh yeah, that reminds me, I've also had to fit in trips to B&Q this week for supplies.
And then, just to finish the week off perfectly, today is 5 years since my sister died. I know they say time heals all wounds but 5 years on it hurts as much as ever and, if anything, I miss her more than ever. :(

Think I'll try and get in the craft room tonight. It might do me some good.

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Chriss America Real said...

Well, I posted one of your fantastic digital stamps on my blog today, want to steal...err...borrow it? lol!


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