Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Am returned from the wilds of North Wales and once again able to share photos of my craft desk. :)

It's still in a state of chaos - though slightly less so than last week and I had to push back the mess to clear enough space to make a card in. :D
I am plagued by technology troubles this week. The AC adaptor on my laptop appears to be on its last legs... I have to jiggle the connector around to get it to start charging and then hold it in place while it charges. Which is not ideal! And Samsung want the princely sum of £56 for a new one! £56!!! :/
On top of that, when I came to take my WOYWW photo I discovered that I have left the data card for my camera in my mum's netbook... in North Wales! Argh!! Luckily I managed to "borrow" the data card from hubby's camera.
Hey ho, what fun!
Anyhoo, off to bed for me - it's late and I've a busy day tomorrow of belly dancing class (with a crèche for the kids - awesome!) and then a playdate with friends at a local petting farm.
Happy WOYWW everyone! :)


Bridget Larsen said...

oh dear, not having much luck are you. North Wales is a hike to go get your card reader back
Bridget #15

House of Bears said...

While there's a space, no matter how small, it doesn't need tidying!

The bears @#93

ike said...

Well - I see a space !!! :-) Bugger about that adaptor - daylight robbery !!!!!

Enjoy yourself at the petting zoo and don't let the goats eat your skirt !!!! (that happened to me LoL)


IKE xxx #99

Unknown said...

just love that desk, £56!!! good lord, cant you get a generic one? does it need to be Samsung? have you checked that popular auction site?

hope you have a great day with the belly dancing and farm visit.

Lynda #89

Unknown said...

I see a space and that's all you need :-) have fun at the zoo.Thanks for sharing and Bright blessings to you and yours. Roberta #55

Anonymous said...

Is there anything worse than when technology lets you down??

Belly dancing? You are braver than I am, bit then I never did have any sense of rhythm. :)

Happy (so late) WOYWW!
Mary Anne (37)

ria gall said...

can I join you in moaning about technology although mine hopefully will get easier, I got a new phone on Monday and if I didn't have my teenage son at home I still would have it in it's box. I am slowly getting to grips but it's not easy for me.
Hope you get your problems sorted
Enjoy WOYWW and have a great week
Hugs Ria #43

Krisha said...

I see you use the P&S (push and shove)method of clearing too. LOVE it!!
Technology woes are so frequent in our world today, but with out that technology we wouldn't get to desk hope, blog or take pictures with a cell phon..... I mean I remember when all phones had a wire that led to the wall.....LOL
Krisha #114

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm impressed that you even got this post together with all the set backs you experienced. I can totally relate. So glad to read you are still belly dancing. And have fun with friends. OOPS, I bet that is now just a memory, since it's nearly Thursday in my world, too.
Happy still WOYWW from #1.

ddazzled71 said...

It must be the month for technology issues as I have had a few of my own this past week and had to laugh as I see you too are another fan of the old push and shove technique to make space on your desk. Its well used by us crafters isn't it? Have a great week and happy WOYWW! Danie (a very late #133)

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