Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Wow. I feel like I haven't WOYWWed in ages. In fact, it's been two weeks. And there's pretty good reasons for that. But, first things first, the desk:

Yes, this is a craft desk sadly unloved and neglected, piled high with paperwork (I was sorting through some papers looking for one particular document), and the only real feature of note is some pretty new Memory Box dies that I got last week.

And the reason for the neglected state of my desk and my absence from WOYWW? Well, I've not been crafting.. the only thing I've made in the past 2+ weeks has been a quick father's day card for DH. And the reason I've not been crafting? Well, firstly I was away in N Wales for 5 days, taking the kids for a mini holiday at my mum's. Then I was back home and spending my evenings (my only real crafting time) tidying the house and moving stuff around in order to make space for a delivery of new furniture. Then the furniture arrived and I spent an evening shifting heavy boxes around and unpacking some.

And then we reached Friday of last week.

This is what the river behind my house usually looks like:

This is what it looked like on Friday evening: :/

It got to about a foot away from actually flooding up onto the patio (and hence into my kitchen). It didn't get that far, thankfully, but it did get into the celllar. And because the fuse box is down there and we didn't know how far the water might rise, DH and I decided we needed to turn the power off, to be on the safe side, which meant we couldn't really stay in the house so we had to get the kids up, at about 11pm, and relocate to a hotel down the road!

Thankfully the waters receded the next morning and we came back home and have been spending every evening since, and a good portion of the daytime too, clearing out the cellar. We lost a lot of stuff - lots of books and CDs and DVDs that were boxed up down there awaiting us getting bookshelves etc sorted. Also a lot of my clothes that were in bin bags down there since we moved in (admittedly clothes that I haven't worn in years but still..). Oh and my beloved wedding shoes. :(

I've been salvaging some stuff that has sentimental value but most of it's gone for good. We're going to replace a lot of the CDs and DVDs and books in time. Oh and my Ranger heat tool has turned out to be very useful for drying out waterlogged books! :lol:

So, needless to say, crafting has very much taken a back-seat. But the cellar is pretty much sorted now and we've also managed to finish unpacking all the new furniture so that's done too. So with any luck, I may be able to get back into my craft room over the next couple of days and get some creating done. Fingers crossed.


Kaz said...

Hi Ali thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, please feel free to store the image on your computer, but I'd prefer it not to be on pinterest.
I'm so glad the water stopped when it did, it looked very scary x

Inkypinkycraft said...

Oh you poor thing! I do hope you have some respite from the rain now! Trace x 58

J said...

I really feel for you, we saw it on the news and was worried about my daughter in laws parents as they live in North Wales.
Take care

Sandy Trefger said...

Your desk is calling for you to come craft! Now! Ha, ha. That's scary about the river. Glad it didn't flood and didn't happen while you were gone! Sandy #118

Neet said...

You don't live in a cottage in Stubbins do you? That picture looks awfully like the river down there.
So sorry to hear that you have lost lots of things, how heartbreaking for you and how understandable that you haven't been crafting.
Hope you have at the very least some photos of your wedding shoes. Oh I feel so sorry for you.
Sending healing hugs - Neet #20 xx

Sarn said...

OMG! I am sorry to hear about your flooded cellar. I hope you can get back to "normal" soon.

Happy WOYWW.

Hugs, Sarn #79

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, how awful that your cellar flooded. What a nightmare. I hope you manage to rescue what you can.

Zoe #54

trisha too said...

Well that was shocking! I'm glad it's ending as well as it is, inconvenient and a little discouraging is, well, a discouraging, but whew, no tragedy!!!

Happy WOYWW to you, anyway, and yay for that heat gun!
trisha too

Elizabeth said...

Oh my, Ali, what a disaster for you and shame about those shoes! Glad the water didn't rise any further though. Hope you get everything sorted out soon. Wishing you a better week. Elizabeth x #17

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Deep dirty water is my biggest nightmare. I shiver just thinking about it. Water certainly can be destructive. Sorry to hear that the cellar took such a hit. You were busy enough without adding that to the mix. Enjoy the new furniture and the newly cleaned out cellar!

Judys Lace Creations said...

Gosh Ali, water damage is just so disheartening.Hope you can treat yourself after the ordeal.
Judy #82

peggy aplSEEDS said...

oh my, i'm sorry to hear about the flooding in your house. we've had bad floods in the Philippines but thankfully we are nowhere near a river. it must have been scary to watch the water rising! i once helped a friend clean up their house after a flood. the water reached to the ceiling of the first floor! hope all gets back to normal soon.
thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

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