Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Short and sweet post from me this week cos I honestly have nothing to share on my desk.
There are two main reasons.
1. I've had to sort some urgent paperwork this week and it involved sorting through huge amounts of paperwork. As a result, this is what the chair at my craft desk currently looks like:
2. The main reason however is..... this:
I have pretty much overnight become completely and utterly addicted to Criminal Minds. I'd never watched it before and it's on Season EIGHT now so there are soooooo many new episodes for me to watch and I ordered the Seasons 1-7 DVD boxset and it arrived last Friday and I'm pretty much spending every evening on the sofa mainlining one episode after another. I'm in full on geeky fandom heaven and as a result am not doing much crafting.
I will get back to it though, real soon. Honest. Just as soon as I get over the initial squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of "soooo many new episodes, must watch them all NOW!" :)
Have a good Wednesday. I'll be right here in front of the TV with Messrs Reid, Hotch, Gideon et al. :D


nwilliams6 said...

I understand - I love Criminal Minds. The characters are wonderful and the plots are deeper than on most shows to me.

Eliza said...

I fully understand I do the same with tv shows. I watch them all in one hit and then complain when I am upto date and have to wait for more episodes to be released. It is the way to go with tv.

Who cares about paperwork, just play with paper and create it is better for you health wise.

Eliza 12

Anonymous said...

Totally there with you :) If I miss the first episode and can't catch it online someplace, I will just wait till a few seasons are available on DVD. I saw the First season of Beaking Bad a few years back and now have 1-4 by the TV. No time to watch at the moment, but I have big plans for a marathon weekend soon! Not caught CM but did like the sound of it, then, yep, missed it on it's first outing.

Maybe I'll luck into a sale of the boxed set after Xmas....


Enjoy and that teetering pile of paperwork might make a nice firestarter....

MA (15)

House of Bears said...

We tend to get engrossed in box sets and think 'we'll just watch one more episode to see what happens' only to be faced with another cliff hanger at the end of that episode!

The bears @#62 this week.

shazsilverwolf said...

Fully with you on this- not seen this series yet though- our must watch ones are Dexter, True Blood, and lately, Grimm.Have a great week,hugs, Shaz #67

MiniOwner said...

Hi Ali! Loving the sound of that boxed set ... enjoy! Happy Wednesday :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@64)

Nadia ( said...

I completely relate to the paperwork -- eekkk!!

Happy Wednesday,
Nadia (WOYWW #58)

Lucy said...

Paperwork must be dealt with from time to time, sad but true. Not heard of Criminal minds, so am off to find it. Thanks for sharing! Lucy #16 x

Unknown said...

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