Monday, 2 January 2012

365 Photos - Day 2

First things first... I've realised I need to make a new blog for this project, otherwise I'm just gonna be spamming this blog with them. But I haven't got time to do that right now so am posting Day 2's photo here:

Today's prompt was NEW and with Christmas just gone, and DD2's first birthday on Christmas Eve, there are a lot of new toys around the house at the moment. One of DD1's favourites is her new play kitchen.


Fran said...

Love the angle you took the photo.

ForgedinPaper said...

Looks lovely. I took the new blog path as well.

Unknown said...

Yes, great detail shot of it.
I too opened a new blog :)

Kirsti said...

This is a fab wooden much nicer than plastic...great angle..

No new blog for me...hard enough keeping up with

Kirsti x

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