Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow. Been a while since I posted in here. December was... uh.. a bit manic. I had DD1's first birthday to prepare for as well as Christmas, a visit to family in N Wales before Christmas, family members staying with us over Christmas etc etc.

I've also been doing absolutely naff all crafting as the craft pit is in total disarray. The planned tidy-up and reorganise got derailed part way through and then I had to just pile stuff anywhere in order to make space to get some urgent bits done (e.g. a few christmas cards) and now it's just pretty much unusable. New Year's resolution number one is to get in there and get it properly sorted... once I finish getting over this rotten flu that's plagued me since Christmas Day! :/

Anyhoo. New year, new start and all that. Lots of crafty goodness to look forward to in 2012. I am eager to craft, I miss it. I just need to create a usable space again.

And I've also signed up for something a bit fun for 2012 - Suzie's 365 Photos project. Today's word is Celebrate. So expect to see lots of photos from me this year.

Oooh and hubby has also very nicely upgraded my laptop with extra memory and a faster hard drive and it's soooo much faster. So that should make blog posting all the easier.

So there we go. 2012. Onwards and upwards. :)

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Unknown said...

Happy New Year Ali! Love your photos - wish I had the time to do the same thing but will enjoy looking at yours instead. Here's to a fabulous 2012! x

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