Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I'm a wee bit ashamed to say that there's not a lot going on on my desk atm cos I pretty much haven't done any crafting in almost a week! *gasp*
I had a busy weekend involving a verrrrry rare night out and I was busy running around trying to get things sorted for that (like, trying to find something to wear! Ack! ;D) and since the weekend I seem to have been feeling distinctly "meh" and, despite having a whole bunch of crafty ideas I want to work on, I have been struggling to find the motivation to get up off the sofa once the kids are in bed! :lol:
Nonetheless, here's how my desk is looking this morning:
You may have noticed that my computer keyboard - usually a half-buried victim of my "push back" brand of "tidying" is actually completely absent from the desk this week. That's cos things kept getting put on top of it and then I couldn't use it - like, to log onto the computer! - without moving and rearranging piles of stuff! So it's now been temporarily relegated to the floor, keeping my guillotine and glass cutting mat company:
I know I say this pretty much every week but... I really *really* do need to tidy! :lol:
I did actually do a wee bit of crafting last night and the results are visible on the desk. I'm swapping some ATCs at the moment and, as ever, I am my own worst enemy and can't bear to send the ATCs out just stuffed in an envelope... I have to make a quick card to send with each one! :lol: So I had a play with some Stampin' Up! inks and a freebie stamp set that came with a magazine fairly recently:
Also on the desk is an in-progress ATC.... I've been asked for a Lolita/Japanese Street Style-themed ATC and this is what it's looking like so far:
What do you think? I'm quite pleased with the basic drawing (I used to do a lot of drawing as a teenager and have been enjoying getting back into it a bit recently) but am undecided as to whether to go over this with a fineliner pen and then colour it with Promarkers - my go-to method for colouring digi stamps (although this isn't a digi stamp) - or whether to have a try at colouring it with my Prismacolor pencils. Any feedback welcomed... I'm kind of at the paralysed stage where I'm happy with how it looks atm but am scared to "ruin it" if I make the wrong decision on how to progress! :lol:
Thanks for stopping by my desk this week... if you're wondering what all this waffle is about then check out Julia's Stamping Ground blog for an explanation of what WOYWW is and the master list of desks to visit. And I am seriously going to try and get around and comment on more desks this week! :)


House of Bears said...

We're swapping ATCs right now too. It's the first time we've made any in years. Love your sewing theme cards. We have those stamps too.

The bears @#87 this week.

ria gall said...

wow what a lot of stuff on your desk bet the keyboard is gald to not have stuff piled on it.
Your drawing is fantastic and I think using pencils would be the way to go.
Ria #75

Krisha said...

Hi Ali, space.... something we all desire more of. I am thinking pencil for the drawing too. I haven't really sketched in a very long time, your post makes me want to dig out my pencils and sketch pads.
Krisha #137

MiniOwner said...

Why not photocopy your beautiful drawing and try out your two colouring methods on the copies first? I so envy anyone who can draw - a skill I do not possess. Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@127)

Tamika said...

And I thought I was the only one running out of space! Neat cards Tamika #126

Gita said...

Wow, lots going on on your workdesk. No room for the keyboard anymore. LOL. :-) Have a great week. Brigita #136

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