Wednesday, 4 September 2013

WOYW 222

Otherwise known as... the one where's she finally started tidying! *gasp*
Yup, the craft room has finally reached crisis point (or I've finally reached my tolerance point for mess and chaos) and I've started tidying. When I say tidying... I mean I've started excavating my way inwards from the door! :lol:
I've cleared around a 2-3 square foot area of floor, filling a bin bag in the process (although half of that was from emptying the wastepaper bin into it too) and cleared out all sorts of boxes and piles of craft magazines and various books and bits of equipment and canvas frames and lord knows what else and gone and stacked them in hubby's study (heee!) until I can find somewhere to put them away properly once I've finished tidying.
Anyhoo... this is the result of my excavations so far:
I don't have any before photos but let's just say it was getting hard to remember what colour the carpet was. ;)
Things have been manically busy this last month. I've had 5 days at my mum's with the kids (and had to get ahead on my DT projects before going away) and last week hubby and the kids and I (and BIL) went up to Scotland for a week (so again I had to try and get ahead on DT stuff before being away). On top of that DD1 has just - today!! - started full-time school so we had to get ready for that, my laptop is dying (it's not charging properly) and I've had a 3 weeks saga of back and forth emails with Samsung to try and arrange to get it repaired under warranty, oh and we're in the process of selling our old house and are supposed to be completing this Friday... and at the last minute it's developed a small leak in the bathroom ceiling so this week I've also been trying to sort out roofers to get over there and have a look at what the problem is!! Aaaarrggghhh!!
*and... breathe...*
So that's my WOYWW for this week. No desk shot cos there's been no crafting going on since I got back off holiday - too busy with all the other stuff!! - but instead I shall share with you a snap of my DD1 all dressed up in her uniform and ready for her first day in Reception class. :)
Hope you're having a good week and thanks for stopping by! :)


Gráinne said...

Very well done! :-) Little by little, the bird builds its nest. Suzanne

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Did you tie a rope to something solid outside the room and the other end to yourself before venturing in?! But hey! I see FLOOR! Actual floor! How exciting is that? I am sure it is an amazing amount of work but it will be so worth it in the end. Good luck with all that's going on and indeed, don't forget to breathe!!!

ike said...

Eeeek !!! I don't envy you THAT task !!! :-)
Lovely little pic of 'First Day-er' I have something like that for my daughter... she's 27 now !!! :-D


IKE in Greece #67 xxxxx

ddazzled71 said...

I can totally relate to a messy floor like yours, that's mainly how mine looks in-between cleans. I have however been making an attempt lately to keep my desks much tidier. Such a great pic of your DD1 starting school and I hope the sale of your house and your weeks ahead go smoothly and at a slower pace. Have a great week! Danie #25

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Gosh Ali, I thought that WAS a before shot (grin). Hope to see even more progress next week.

What a sweet shot of your daughter on her first day of school. Happy WOYWW on Thursday from #2

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