Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I've been a bit AWOL from the WOYWW party recently... sooo much going on! DD1 starting full-time school, DD2 going to nursery 2 days a week rather than 1, selling our old house, chasing the rotten useless bank for a mortgage redemption certificate so we could pay off the darn mortgage, getting A/C installed in our conservatory etc etc etc....
And on top of that I've been having major issues with my laptop, with the result that it has now been sent off to Samsung for repair and I'm reduced to using my painfully slow old netbook or my desktop to get online (and can only do blog posts on my desktop cos the netbook seems to have issues with both Blogger and Photobucket! Argh!)
But anyway, all that aside, I've managed to find time to snap a quick pic and upload it:
The workable space on the desk is on the endangered list... but that's partly because I have been working away. I didn't get any crafting done for a couple of weeks, due to all the above, and now I have a stack of deadlines looming! :lol: I made two cards today and have bits and pieces prepped for a couple more.
I have also been slowly tidying the craft room... I've started with the floor but the desk is next on the agenda... once I get these deadlines dealt with! :)
That's it from me... I've already stayed up too late... curse the morning school run! :lol:
Thanks for stopping by....
..p.s. d'you like my little tower of paint and embossing powder pots? Isn't it pretty... :lol:


Nikki said...

You are a push back and pile high crafter for sure with the tower started on your desk may you get all your deadlines done and have a wonderful week hugs Nikki ??

Sue Jones said...

Ha ha I Love your desk! mine is similar -about 4 workable inches!! xx Have a good day xx

Monica said...

You may have to get an app to post on a notepad. I had to get Blogsy for my iPad. Very nice people and developer. very late today. Wow what a lot of work your desk has seen.
Monica 111

ria gall said...

Hi Ali
I hope the next couple of weeks cuts you some slack so you can have some you time and some crafting time.
I also hope you get your laptop back soon and that it is working better than before
Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
Ria #61

ddazzled71 said...

Aren't banks a pain to deal with when you are trying to pay them back. We are having similar issues with selling of our other house. It definitely looks and sounds like you have had a busy week crafting and otherwise. I hope your computer gets fixed and is back to you soon. My desktop here at present keeps crashing, and I am in denial that it will need to be sent away to get fixed. Hoping things slow down a little for you and you have a great week! Danie #38

April said...

My goodness you are a very busy lady. I am shocked you have any time to craft at all! Good luck on paying off your mortgage and the new house. Loving the tower of paint and powder.
April #115

ike said...

There's only a teeny space on there !!! I did notice the tower first LoL. You have been so busy - I hope things slow down a bit for you soon :-D


IKE in Grecce #49 xxx

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