Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WOYWW - 25 April 2012

Eesh. Can't believe it's nearly May. Where has this year gone?! And, while we're on the subject, where the heck has spring gone? I'm fully expecting to see an ark go sailing past my window any day now.
Not much to share on my workdesk this week... it's been a manic few days with not much time for crafting. I've been to-ing and fro-ing a lot to our old house, getting things sorted to get it put on the market. Meeting estate agents, getting quotes off decorators, getting measured for new carpets... and now we've suddenly had an offer on it, before it's even gone on the market! We've agreed a price with them so fingers crossed it'll all go through smoothly and I can stop running around sorting things! :lol:
So here's my rather unproductive desk this morning:
Still messy and mostly bearing the several stamps awaiting cleaning and putting away and the detritus of the one bit of crafting I've managed to do this week (see my previous post). :)
So, short and sweet from me this week. Thanks for stopping by... hope you're having a good WOYWW (and are not getting rained on too much!).


Nadia ( said...

An offer before it has gone on the market? That is awesome! Well best wishes for that to go smoothly!

Happy WOYWW!
Nadia 117

Peggy Cain said...

just taking a peek at what you have going on... I dont' clean my stamps anymore....lazy of me or just keeping in mind their my tools and it's okay to keep dirty LOL have a great day

Anonymous said...

Part, why waste time cleaning stamps when you can be creating even more mess?! Haha!


Zoe #49

Anonymous said...

Wow, an offer before it goes on the market! That's unheard of nowdays!! Congratulations, I hope it all goes smoothly for you!! Where are you hoping to move to? Somewhere local to you or clear across the country? Or maybe the otherside of the world??

Don't worry about the mess, it's all good!!

Anthea (aka Scrappydiva #178)

Rebecca Deeprose said...

Thanks for letting me take a peek! It's fun to see what other creative souls have on their tables and you have lovely creative clutter!

Queen Lightwell said...

Congratulations on the sale! Your space looks like you have been up to something...guess I'll have to go check out your previous post, huh? :-)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

May the rest of the house sale process go as smoothly as it started!! Lovely to hear a positive story about the housing market :)
Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

kay said...

thanks for sharing and good luck with the move
happy belated WOYWW
kay #98

Eliza said...

Oh what a good thing to have an offer before you have gone on the market think of the money saved in advertising etc.

Love the creative desk, I clean my stamps with baby wipes the good quality ones (huggies) they are called here in Australia the container sits in the draw next to me all the time and have proved to be perfect time and time again and so quick too.

Eliza #26

Oh good luck with the move

CraftygasheadZo said...

Hope all goes well with the move, fab desk shot, lots of fab crafty stuff! Take care, am still working my way through the list, doing so in stints and making sure I have snacks to munch! Zo xx 77

Carmen Wing said...

I think yesterday was our worst day rain wise. I was so glad we'd moved from the house we were in last year as our lobby would literally be under water. Today was actually not bad (Kent) Really windy but lovely and sunny.

Hope all goes well with your move, don't envy you that but will be fabulous when it's all over :)

Carmen #105

okienurse said...

I hope everything goes well with the sale of your house. It is always so traumatizing to move and sell a house so wish you well. We are pretty dry around here so could use some of your rain here. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #41

Jaki Morris said...

golly moving house, lucky you! Hope it goes well

jaki #96

Tertia said...

You are very lucky to get an offer even before your house goes on the market!
Loving the desk.
Happy very belated WOYWW

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