Tuesday, 23 July 2013

New Homes, New Babies, New Beginnings!

Boy, has there been a lot going on around here lately! An awful lot of changes happening...
One of my best friends, who had to move up to Scotland a few years ago due to her husband's job, has moved back to Yorkshire which is just awesome... lovely to have her back and for us to be able to get together for chats and kiddy playdates again.
So... a new home card was required. :)
One of hubby's friends, who he used to work with years ago, has recently become a father for the first time. They're a lovely couple and I was really pleased to hear of the safe arrival of their baby boy.
So... a new baby card was required. :)
And last week was rather the end of an era... the end of the school year and therefore the end of DD1's year of pre-school. From September she will be attending full-time school. Eep. My little girl is growing up so fast! Starting full-time school also means she will have to give up her Rhythm Time classes, which she's been going to since she was just 4 months old!
Friday was not only her last day of pre-school but also her last ever Rhythm Time lesson... so I wanted to make some little thank you gifts for her pre-school teachers (of which she has 5, because they all work part-time) and also for the Rhythm Time teachers and assistants. So I had a bit of a production line going last week in the craft room:
I made little decorated notebooks, complete with a ribbon loop pen holder (and pen). I made one design for the pre-school teachers and another for the Rhythm Time teachers. They were all lined inside with the same patterned paper as used on the front.
And I also made little thank you cards to go with each notebook. And DD1 wrote her name inside each card, and also on a little label inside the cover of each notebook so that the recipient would always remember it was from her. :)
Busy, busy, busy! :)

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