Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I'm late to the WOYWW party again this week. Things are soooo busy here right now and I was also feeling pretty rotten this morning so not up to blogging. Feeling slightly more human now though so have managed to snap a photo of the chaos:
Hard to believe, but yes, it's actually worse than last week. Mind you, it looks the way it does right now because I've spent the last couple of days fruitlessly searching the house (including my craft room) for a missing bank card. The machine ate my card on Monday, at which point I remembered receiving a new card in the post several weeks ago. I put it aside and forgot about it. And now the bank have obviously decided that I've had the new card for long enough and the old one can be deactivated. Whoops!
I've searched high and low and I cannot find the darned thing anywhere. So I've had to phone the bank and ask them to please cancel it and send out a replacement - which can take up to 5 working days to receive! *sigh* I really wish I could be more organised. :/
On that note, however, I did do a teensy bit of reorganising in the craft pit - I got fed up of all the various flower embellishments no longer fitting in the drawer I had assigned them and the drawer constantly being left pulled out with packets of flowers overflowing from it.
So I bought this:
I had a nice time sorting out my flowers into it... problem is, they don't actually all fit! :lol: Maybe I should buy another one....
I have also done a bit of crafting in the last couple of days... I made a very quick birthday card to send to my mum's partner for his birthday yesterday:
I used patterned paper from Stampin' Up! and new stamps - and matching punch and embossing folder - from the new Stampin' Up! catalogue. The sentiment stamp (and matching Framelit die) are also from Stampin' Up!.


Jan Ltc said...

Your space looks like mine lol! Great card xx Jan

ike said...

Gorgeous collection of lil' flowers in there :-)
Bugger about the bank card - I bet you find it when the new one turns up !!!


IKE xx #93

Unknown said...

No, its no worse:)

Why they dont make bank cards that last longer I dont know, so darn inconvenient this changing so often thing, drives me bonkers. Last time I did it was with a trolly full of shopping with an expired card.

Love the card.
Lynda #82

House of Bears said...

The good thing is, when you find the card you can use it o scrape texture paste through masks! Every cloud and all that!! Hope the new one turns up soon,

Waving hi from the bears @# 77

Krisha said...

As soon as the new card arrives you will find the old one...LOL
Love the card.
Krisha #5

Jackie said...

Love your desk especially the kitchen roll sitting slap bang centre stage
The card you've made is really nice I like the white background making it look very clean
How organise putting all your flowers together in that container well done you
Jackie 15

d said...

He he I love your desk too...made me feel at home. Your card is lovely as well and I'm sure he will love it. Hugs, Dorothy H #109

Monique said...

I'm sure once you don't need it anymore, your card will pop up somewhere, these things always do.
Just look on the bright side, you now have a brand new scraper =) once it surfaces!
Happy WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week.
xx Monique #106

Unknown said...

I tend to agree with the others about the card showing up when the new one comes. It seems to work that way with me, too. And your desk is definitely in chaos! Oh my!
Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting!
Carol N #101

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hurray for your desk, which you know I approve of - I nearly said SNAP!! Thanks for visiting, Chris96

Cazzy said...

Happy WOYWW!

You are early compared to me!

Your desk definitely looks like mine, ha ha!

Like the card. Love that your flower organiser has flower stickers on it.

Cazzy x #123

Francesca said...

Adesk just like mine normally. Is that an Indigo blu stamp I aspy, same one I have just acquired but not used yet. Have a good week. Francesca #44

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ali, I like the quatrefoil design on your masculine card. I remember the brain-fogged days when my daughter was younger (not that it's 100% better now!) and feeling disorganized. My solution is to have a designated spot for "can't lose this" things -- a bulletin board I can tack things to. And then one spot on my desk for the day-to-day influx of papers, so if I missed something, I just have to go down through the layers until I find it. Happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #98

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds so familiar to me, I also search all kinds of important paper works.
Gabriele 58

Unknown said...

That is one crazy desk!
Love the card.

Karen #63

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