Saturday, 5 February 2011

Get well soon, Grandma

My grandma is in hospital at the moment. She had an operation on Wednesday for what turned out to be a femoral hernia. The operation went well but because of her somewhat frail general health (she is 85!), she needed ICU care following the op. We were going to go visit her today but apparently she is still intubated and sedated... and children under 16 aren't allowed in ICU at all. They were planning to start reducing her sedation yesterday and look at extubating her.

So we're going to wait a bit and go and see her in a couple of days... so in the meantime I thought I would send a get well card, for her to see when she wakes up, and put a photo of baby Mia inside (she's not met her latest great-grandaughter yet).

So I'll be popping this in the post today:

Hopefully this will cheer her up a bit when she wakes up. :)


Alix said...

wishing your grandma well here, ali xxx

fatmonica said...

Lovely card,and here's hoping your grandma is up and about soon.

Jules said...

Gorgeous card Ali :D Best wishes to your Grandma, hope she's back on her feet soon.

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