Monday, 12 November 2012

I love my hubby! :)

My hubby is officially awesome.
He has only gone and got me a Silhoutte Cameo for my birthday! :D
I'm so suprised - and impressed! He's not into crafting and I didn't think he had any idea what a Cameo was, let alone that I wanted one! :D
But he's gone and researched die-cutting machines and decided the Cameo was the one I'd like... and he's even got me some extra cutting mats, as his research included checking customer reviews, several of which mentioned that you can go through cutting mats quite quickly.
Heee! Am a bit giddy!
Now all I need to do is have a major tidy up in the craft room to try and make space for it! :lol:


Unknown said...

Wow!!! What an awesome guy!!! Congrats ;) What a great gift.. and for him to actually research it!! I'm impressed!!

CG said...

How awesome! Your husband wins Crafting Hubby of the Week LOL! Can't wait to see all the beautiful things you make :) Best, CG

Sue Jones said...

Wow!!! Thats Fab - congratulations on your Birthday too :)

*Nora* said...

Happy birthday Ali! And what an awesome surprise from the hubster! Do share with us your creations using your new machine! xxx

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new toy.

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