Thursday, 21 April 2011

The search for the perfect paper trimmer...

I now have a grand total of three - count em, three! - paper trimmers!

Waaaaay back when I first started crafting I got this Fiskars one...

...and it has served me faithfully for many a year. But lately it has rather lost its edge - literally! It no longer cuts cleanly, leaving a raggedy fringe of fluffy fibres that I have to trim off with scissors. Even changing the blade hasn't helped.

So some time back I invested in a super-duper, bells and whistles, does-it-all Clevercuts 5 way trimmer - it cuts, it scores, it perforates, it even has a corner puncher!

...and that's pretty much all I use it for - the corner puncher. It's a great big piece of kit but I find it useless for cutting paper/card. It's hard to hold the paper firmly in place, it's hard to tell where the cut line is, it's hard to correctly gauge the measurements you are trying to cut (especially small ones) and, worst of all, it doesn't cut in a straight line! I find it always veers off slightly towards the end of the cut. So it sits on my desk, taking up space and only being used once in a blue moon when I want a rounded corner and I keep on using my knackered Fiskars trimmer and having to trim the edges with my scissors.

And so, working on the theory of third time lucky, I have now invested in a third (and hopefully final) paper trimmer:

I saw this Cricut trimmer on Create and Craft and decided it was worth a go, especially as they had free P&P at the time. It turned up yesterday and so far I have to say it's looking good! It nice and light and compact, it holds the paper firmly in place and, best of all, it cuts cleanly and in a straight line!

Could this be the end of my search? I hope so! :D

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