Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WOYWW - 13 April 2011

It's Wednesday again and time for another peek at the workdesks of crafters all over the world! :)

Am pleased to say I've finally found time to have a blitz in my craft room and not only is the desk much tidier, the floor is too! Of course, it won't stay that way for long... but it's nice while it lasts! :)

On the desk today I've been playing around with acrylic paints - using them to paint ATC backgrounds, using them on stamps to stamp onto ATCs and using them with PVA glue for a crackle effect on this cute little wooden tray (I've got plans for this tray... the crackle effect paint is only the first step :D).

Other than playing with paints I've spent most of my last crafting session mounting a whole heap of unmounted stamps - I'd accumulated a few over the past few weeks but needed a fresh supply of U-Mount before I could mount them. So now they're all done... and I get to play... :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my desk. Don't forget to head on over to Julia's Stamping Ground blog for the full list of WOYWW desks this week.


jude said...

Ali cant wait to see what you do with the wee wooden tray!Your ATC's look lovely.thats one job i hate doing U-mounting stamps!
hugs judex 3

okienurse said...

Your wooden tray looks interesting. It is so small I am wondering what it will be holding. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Looked through the ATC's and they are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

Claire said...

Oooh loving the look of the wooden tray, can't wait to see what you do with it.

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooohhhh, I like a work in progress of this sort - reminds me of the number of times that I promise myself I'll have a go! I will! After I've seen yours! One day. Your desk looks as if you know exactly what you're doing...organised.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Oh dear, I am not sure that mounting stamps is a good idea. I am going demented at the moment trying to remove the mounting stuff from all my stamps, so that I can use them properly with the Rocker Blocks, which give me a much better print. Apart from that, the mounting stuff would not attach the stamp to anything, so was absolutely useless. I hate it with a passion. I am fascinated to see what you create with that wooden box.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Hi Ali, thanks for visiting and your lovely comment. With your friend who could not use the Rocker Blocks, did she have any mounting stuff on her stamps? If she did, that would stop her getting a decent image. All you need is to use the repositionable glue (Crafters Companion Stick and Spray is good) to fix the stamp to the block. Ink up in the normal way (it does not matter if you get ink on the flat of the block, just clean off the rails either side). Put the leading edge on your card and just roll the whole thing forward to the back edge and lift. That shold give you a perfect image with no need for pressure. Do not rock backwards and forwards, just one move.

Spyder said...

Yep, I was here last week, but forgot the code bit, just typed then vanished, thought I'd check, seeing I nearly did it this week too, which will be next week when reading this! and as I've already said, (having time travelled into next week) I love your tray!
happy very late wowyw!

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