Wednesday, 20 April 2011

WOYWW - 20 April 2011

This post is brought to you by the magic of mobile internet.

Because my landline, and hence my broadband, is dead as a dodo right now and BT says it's a local area fault at the exchange and they expect to have it fixed - hopefully - by 5pm Wednesday... but it could be as long as until 5pm Friday!! :(

So I've been having to make do with mobile internet on my phone most of the day... until this evening when DH informed me that the clever Samsung Galaxy Tab phone that he got me for Christmas can actually be used as a wireless router! So I can connect to my phone's mobile internet, through my laptop! Which means I can upload photos! Yay!

So here's my craft room as of c.1am this morning:

A positive chaos of ongoing experimentation/playing. Paints and Cosmic Shimmer drawing inks and ATCs and new stamps and another dinky little wooden tray in progress.

Oh and the keyboard is once again rapidly becoming inaccessible for typing purposes...

For the folks who were wondering last week what I was planning to do with the teeny tray, here's the finished product:

I gave it to my mum as a belated Mother's Day present. She was singularly unappreciative. *sigh* But I am loving these little trays which I've why I've bought a bunch more and already started altering a second one. :)

Thanks for stopping by my desk.:)


Spyder said...

oho I love the teeny tray, and now want one, as all crafters must have everything!
Happy WOYYWW! Going backwards this week, hoping that way I'll get round more people!

Helen said...

The wonders of technology! Hope you get sorted soon. I love the tray, it looks amazing.

Sarah said...

Ali - love the tray - it s so cute - thanks for sharing. Hope you get the internet back soon!

Sarah x x

okienurse said...

WOW Ali that is a beautiful tray. Your desk looks very busy again this week! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

I love the tray it 's beautiful. I know what you mean by the "sigh", I get so irritated when you put so much work into something and you get ("that's nice,dear or worse - what are you supposed to DO with it), mine is the same!!!!!!
Looks like you are enjoying testing out all the bits on your desk.
Rebecca (44) x

Anonymous said...

Hope you get your technology sorted - I love those drawing inks - thanks for sharing


Elaine Harding said...

The tray looks FAB! Your desk looks uber interesting - must broaden my horizons. TFS, happy WOYWW. Elaine #19

Andria said...

the tray is gorgeous, i'd be happy to receive it, but know what you mean. i dont think they appreciate all the time and effort in each thing we create.
Happy WOYWW, .
Andria #32

Chrissy said...

Love the tray! Parents just don't get it sometimes. My mother-in-law didn't even think to call me after I made her a lovely care package, all things crafty with pics of her grandkids in it. Oh well. We appreciate your craftiness!
Chrissy #93

Angie said...

Love the tray ....sorry your mum didn't appreciate it .... bet she's not a crafter lol

Tertia said...

I absolutely love the tray! Don't feel bad about the reaction, some people just don't understand us. I must say, I am happy my mum loved everything we ever made her. It was a bit of a pain when sie died to discover that she actually kept every single thing we made her as well as everything the grandchildren ever made - some of it was positively horrible! We had to throw it away ourselves. Lots of laughs and lots of tears later, we still have most of it.

Sunshine Girl said...

Looks like you are having a lot of creative fun there! Love the tray - my family never get it when I give them a piece of artwork either - ho hum!

HeARTworks said...

How nice that your husband is so supportive of your idiosyncracies! My mother also does not know what to do with the several gifts I've made for her! Patsy from

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