Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Yikes. I've been so busy today that I honestly, genuinely, completely forgot about WOYWW. I was vaguely aware that it was Wednesday but the concept of photographing my craft desk and blogging about it never even crossed my mind! And I've been so busy that it's only now, at gone 10pm, that I've even looked at Blogger and seen other people's WOYWW posts and thought, "Ooops!"

Ah well. Not much to share on my desk this week anyway. DH had one of his passive aggressive tidying sessions again on Sunday evening where he wants every surface cleared (but doesn't actually want to take the time to sort through stuff and find a proper place to put it away, so it pretty much all just ends up dumped in my craft room for ME to sort out and find homes for). :/

So it's a bit messy in there. Annoying, cos I'd just started tidying a bit in there!

And I was going to get in there and do some crafting tonight but that idea has been derailed by the perfect ending to a manic, stressful day - awful toothache! :(

It took over an hour for the painkillers I took to properly kick in and deal with the pain so I am spending the rest of the evening chilling in front of the TV and the nice, warm fire - dayum, but it's gone cold this evening!! - and after The Finder is finished, I'm heading off to bed for an early(ish) night!

So apologies to my followers and my fellow WOYWWers, Normal service will be resumed shortly. ;)

1 comment:

MiniOwner said...

So sorry you have a poorly tooth, Ali. Hope it's better soon. Missed you on WOYWW.
Sue x

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