Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Eyes Have It

I've been getting back into ATCs in a big way lately... and, as part of that, I've been getting more and more into drawing. And remembering that I actually used to be pretty good at it! :lol:
With that in mind, I spent my one, precious, child-free afternoon per week today chilling out on the sofa with repeats of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on the TV and a fineliner pen in hand, and drew these:

I'm really quite pleased with how these came out. I'm fascinated by eyes anyway, they are such beautiful, complex structures and look beautiful when drawn well. I'm not sure how "well" these are drawn but I like how they look. :)
I put these up for trading at and they've all been snaffled within an hour of me uploading. :D


House of Bears said...

Wow, we are very impressed. No wonder they were snaffled up. Off to look at your link.

Christine said...

I'm not surprised they were traded so quickly - they're beautiful.

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