Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Otherwise known as... What's On Your What The Heck D'you Mean It's Wednesday Already Workdesk?!!

Aka... yup, I completely forgot it was Wednesday! :lol:

And by the time I realised, I had to pop out to pick up a friend who was coming over for a bit. So this is the first chance I've had to snap a quick photo and upload it!

So here's what's on my desk today:

Lots of crafting debris but no actual crafting in progress. I actually took a night off from crafting last night... i.e. I couldn't manage to drag myself off the sofa! :lol:

I've got lots and lots of things I want to be working on though, including this pile of digi stamps:

I love love love digi stamps, not least because they are instant gratification stash shopping! :lol: And there are sooooo many pretty ones out there. And I've gotten into the habit recently of, when I need to print a stamp, filling an A4 page with them and printing it, to save messing about with scraps of card.

But that does mean I end up with a pile of digi stamps waiting to be coloured and created with! :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Wednesday... hope it's a bit more organised than mine! :lol:


Sue Jones said...

I am exactly the same with my digi's too - although my girls love it as they get to colour a few in too :)
I am ashamed to say my desk is messier!

toni said...

Hi Ali I don't think I dare get into digi's as I have so many stamps that have barely seen a lick of ink. Digis could be my downfall! that pile you've got there look gorgeous,x toni #91

House of Bears said...

Looks like you have a lot of colouring ahead of you. The white item on your desk looks like a soda stream :)

The bears @#88

butterfly said...

I know what you mean about Wednesday whizzing round so fast... have fun colouring all those digi stamps, and happy WOYWTHDMIWAW!
Alison x

trisha too said...

Ali, that sounds a lot like me--a big mess, but not much progress!!

:)trisha, #122--another quilty inchie charm

J said...

Must admit to liking digi stamps.
Looks mighty busy on your desk
Happy Wednesday

vixen said...

Love digi stamps too, love the look of the ones on your desk Ali, Look forward to seeing your creations using them. The weeks are flying by aren't they, I thought they'd drag being school holidays lol. x

Sue Jones said...

Sorry Ali- If you follow Mo Manning on FB , she sometimes does a 24 hour feebie with some of her new digi stamps.

Tertia said...

I had a giggle at your title, thats exactly how I feel.
Love digi's too and print out too many, but the grandies love it because then they can make cards like ouma too!
Happy very belated WOYWW!
Tertia #116

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