Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day.. me! :)

I had an unexpected Mother's Day present yesterday. I say unexpected because DH hadn't actually planned to get me this present... however, the fates took a hand and on Saturday night my laptop suddenly and unexpectedly died a death and proved to be beyond even the restorative powers of my IT-bod DH. All of which left me with the prospect of being essentially internet-less (noooooooooooooooo!!) apart from in the evenings, when I could use my desktop.

DH immediately started looking online at a replacement laptop for me but it was going to take a few days to be delivered and of course he wouldn't be here to set it up for me until next weekend. The future was looking bleak. :lol:

So, bless him to bits, DH decided that I would probably go slightly batty home alone all week with the kids with no internet during the day so he looked around and found the same laptop that he'd been planning to order online in stock at PC World for only £30 more so he went out yesterday and bought it and spent most of the afternoon setting it up for me (meaning I spent my Mother's Day kiddy-wrangling, which I hadn't been planning on, but it was worth it to have my snazzy new laptop up and running).

So here it is, my brand new pride and joy:

It's luvverly. It's faster than the old one, it's got more memory, bigger screen, and - most importantly - I can actually flipping type on it! The old laptop had a major design flaw... even when you plugged in an external mouse, the in-built mousepad remained active. And because I effectively touch type (after years of working in admin roles) I kept finding that whilst typing my hand would keep accidentally nudging the mousepad, making the cursor jump to wherever the mouse pointer happened to be... this would very often result in the cursor jumping within the text, meaning I was suddenly typing in the wrong place and I would continually have to stop typing, delete the text from where it shouldn't be, and move the cursor back to where I wanted it. It would also occasionally result in me accidentally clicking on links/opening up pages that I didn't want and on several frustrating occasions, it would result in the page I was typing on either being shut down or backpaged! It was infuriating!!

But shiny new super-duper laptop is cleverer than the old one and DH has configured it so that when the external mouse is plugged in, the in-built mousepad switches off. So finally, I can type properly again! Hurrah!

So this post comes to you courtesy of my lovely new Mother's Day present. Happy Mother's Day to me. :D

P.S. Considering the only other Mother's Day present I got was a pot plant (and I have the kiss of death when it comes to houseplants!), I'm actually kinda glad my old laptop chose to expire when it did! ;)

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Sue Jones said...

Congratulations! :) certainly beats my chocs ;)

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