Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Long Time, No Post....

Wow, was it really April that I last updated this blog? Jeepers.

Well, not much has changed since that last post. I'm still not crafting. "Taking a break from crafting" seems to have turned into "completely lost interest in crafting". In fact, I'm planning to pack up a lot of my crafting stash into storage tubs and put them in the cellar. I can't see myself crafting any time soon and my craft room is a tip and needs sorting and clearing.

I have, however, still been creating. All the creative energy that used to go into papercrafting has been channelled into drawing and painting.

I'm particularly proud of the painting because it's not something I've ever really done before. I've always drawn, ever since my childhood, but never really had a proper go at painting. But I really felt like having a go so last school term I managed to find a painting class that fitted in just perfectly with my kids' school/nursery hours. It was a fabulous class, with a really great, supportive teacher, and in 8-9 weeks I was able to create two paintings.

The first was a portrait of my DD2, painted in acrylics on stretched canvas. This was my first ever proper painting and I'm so darn proud of it that I've had it framed. :)

The second painting was a full-on fantasy one. :) The theme of the class for the term was "contre-jour" (a style of painting featuring a strong light source in the back of the painting).. though this one is technically contre-nuit. This was painted in acrylics on canvas board.

Unfortunately, I can't continue with the class this term as DD2 has started nursery class at the local school and goes every day for just 3 hours, so it's not possible to fit in a class around her hours.

However, I have carried on painting at home, when I get chance, and have done this acrylics on canvas board portrait of Tom Wisdom as the Archangel Michael in Dominion (my new favourite TV show).

As well as the painting, I've also been doing a LOT of drawing. I've really enjoyed getting back into "traditional" art and hopefully the more I draw/paint, the more I will improve at it. :)
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