Friday, 3 December 2010

A huge big thank you... my lovely lovely UKS teamie Alix!!

I've been meaning to blog this since last week but have felt so flipping rotten that I just haven't gotten chance. So it's a belated thank you, but a heartfelt one, nonetheless!

Look what Alix sent me as a belated birthday present!!

Isn't it just gorgeous?! My hastily snapped pics really don't do it justice and there are some much better photos of it over at Alix's blog. It's soooo pretty and detailed and clever and I love just about everything about it!

I've been ill for what feels like forever and was feeling particularly rotten on the day this pressie arrived, so although it was meant as a birthday gift, it also went a long way towards cheering me up when I felt grotty! And it's just so lovely that someone would think of me and make me such a gorgeous handmade gift, something that has had such thought and work put into it. :)

So thank you again, Alix! (((hugs)))


Sarah Louise said...

Oh that is loverly Ali, bet it put a smile on your face especially as you feel so rubbish. Well done Alix

Alix said...

so glad that you like it ali xxx

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