Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Well, didja miss me? :)

I've been kinda AWOL from both crafting and blogging for the last week. In fact, I've been so busy I didn't even get chance to post a WOYWW on Wednesday... not that I had a desk picture to share cos the kiddies and I spent last week over in North Wales at my mum's and we had a fab, if busy, time. Lots of early mornings (the girls were sharing a room so tended to wake each other up in the morning rather earlier than usual!) and trips out - we were lucky enough to have some lovely weather so we spent a morning on the beach and at the paddling pool on the prom and an afternoon riding the kiddy rides at the children's village on the prom (DD2 *loved* the trampolines! :D). We also visited the Welsh Mountain Zoo and Bodafon Park Farm. And when we weren't out and about exploring, the kids had run running around my mum's house - and chasing after her poor long-suffering cat! :)

So I got no crafting done and no blogging either as I could only get online via my phone (my mum has wifi internet but has no idea what the WEP key etc is so I couldn't connect to it! :lol:).

So there you go, that's why things have been quiet around here. We're all home again now though and I did manage to find a spare few moments to do a quick bit of crafting on Saturday night... to make this for DH: :)

It was a very quick and simple card but it says it all really, doesn't it? :D


Sue Jones said...

Glad you had a good time AND good weather in WALES! :)
Welcome back xx

Karen said...

Very cute personalised card :)

* and I haven't forgotten your screen BTW :lol:

Dan said...

Glad you had such a great time! Your card is great, I'm sure the recipient absolutely loved it!

Claire said...

Gorgeous layout Ali.

fatmonica said...

It's a lovely card and I bet it was appreciated!

Ali said...

Simple, but so so lovely.

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