Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Do you doodle?

Along with several other people on UKS lately, I've gotten into what you could call "doodling".

It's basically all new2this's fault as she stumbled across this website about Zentangles. Now, apparently the name Zentangle is actually a trademark, belonging to the creators of the website, but new2this started making some "Zentangle-stylee" ATCs and posting about them on her blog/UKS and people participating in the ATC Trail on UKS liked the look of them and started having a go and next thing you know we were all hooked and the ATC Trail was sending "doodled" ATCs back and forth like nobody's business!

I loved making these doodled ATCs... it reminded me of my schooldays when I used to draw and doodle, all the time! All my class notes would have doodles in the margin as I idly scribbled pictures and designs while listening to the teacher - in fact, one teacher even commented to my parents at a parents' evening that he would see me doodling and assume I wasn't listening, would try and catch me out with a question and find that I was in fact listening.. the doodling was part of my concentration process! :lol: It was a habit that I had fallen out of but making these doodled ATCs was a lovely was of revisiting that creative process.

Here's the doodled ATCs that I made and swapped on the ATC Trail:

We got so hooked on these doodled ATCs that we decided an organised swap was in order and new2this kindly volunteered to host it. Everybody doodled a set of ATCs - each with our own "theme" and style etc - and sent them off to new2this and we all got back the most incredible selection of detailed, imaginative ATCs. Here's the collection I got back:

L to R: Gosie, Magpie, Gingerscraps

L to R: ElysianAngel, new2this, Starbeval

L to R: Lacemaker, Lurkio, Dragonfly

L to R: Stash Keeper, Wisher, AllycatD

This was an awesome swap and I'm still in awe of the creativity and level of detail that went into these gorgeous designs.

I'm sure I'll be making more "doodled" ATCs in the future (and in fact I am working on a full-page doodled scrapbook page!!) so if it's not something you've tried, why not have a go? Just grab a pen and some plain white card and see where your imagination takes you! :)


Helen said...

these are all stunning - makes me want to have a go - NOW!

Chell said...

It's very addictive it's a little like a crisp in the tube 'Once you pop you can't stop' it is a great way of relaxing and letting your mind drift away...

Sharon said...

I found this swap wonderful, so out of my comfort zone....
And to do a theme with a face is good.. I never thought of doing that. clever girl.
I did find it relaxing.

Alana said...

What a fab idea, doodling a whole scrapbook page. Man that will look amazing, be sure to share it when it's done. Oh! I see (get it) you got my 'eye' A zenty ATC. A bit strange but hay ho. Great swop wasn't it.

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