Thursday, 28 October 2010

My craft room!

When we were looking at moving house last year, one of my requirements for the new house was that it have enough bedrooms or reception rooms that I could turn one into a craft room. I'd been crafting for 5+ years, initially using the dining table in the lounge/dining room (with all my stash in boxes etc and having to pack it away when I had finished), and then having a "craft/computer" area in the spare bedroom, where I at least had some cupboard space in which to store stash. But I really really wanted to have a proper room where I could store my stash and do my crafting.

When we moved house in February, what was going to be my craft room was initially used for storage as we slowly got unpacked and sorted and bit by bit began to buy more furniture etc (we had moved from a 2 bedroom, 1 reception room house to a 4 bedroom, 3-4 reception room house!) and, room by room, get the house the way we wanted it. The first step in getting my craft room sorted was a trip to Ikea to get some desks and a comfy chair - once they were installed, hubby set up my computer for me in there... but my stash was still all in boxes and there was still a lot of "junk" taking up space in the room and what I desperately wanted and needed was proper storage space so I could get my stash unpacked and organised.

First on my "must-have" list was a triple stacker unit from Storage4Crafts - a lush dedicated craft unit with a selection of 12x12 paper shelves and 12x12 drawers! Next up was the obligatory Ikea Expedit unit! :) I got the 4x4 cube unit and also a 2x2 cube wall unit. I also got myself a fabulous dedicated inkpad shelf unit from Inkylicious (which I painted white to match the colour scheme of the room).

With all this in place, I was finally able to start unpacking and organising my stash and now my craft room looks like this:

Desk area

Comfy chair!!

The corner filing cabinet is my one concession to my craft room's alleged "dual function" as an office! :)

Triple stacker unit and inkpad shelf unit

Inkpad shelf unit

Expedit unit!

Expedit wall unit (and yes, the plastic tubs are yet more stash awaiting unpacking!)
It is still a work in progress.... I've still got some stash to unpack (see above!) and I am still in the process of finalising exactly how best to organise everything... and what storage boxes etc I need for the Expedit cubes. I've also got plans for more wall storage.

Having my own space in which to craft - and being able to have my stash properly unpacked and organised within convenient reach (rather than stacked up in pizza boxes and plastic tubs!) - has been a huge part of my recent remotivation, and increased experimentation, in the world of crafting! :)


Sue Jones said...

oooooo I want to move in!

kelly said...

Looking good, i'm sure you are made up to have your own little space:) I know i love nothing more than to shut myself away and craft in the peace and quiet :)

scrappydo said...

That looks totally fab. Wish I had something like that.

Sarah Louise said...

Fab room Ali, i am on my way down from Scotland to come play with your stash, lol

voodoo vixen said...

What a lovely room, love the storage you have with all the drawers and the ink stamp pad shelving is lovely!

Helen said...

Jealous? - me? - never! So pleased for you, Ali! x

Helen said...

PS the word verification on the last comment was "wirdad" - I read it as Weird dad - how appropriate for both our children!

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