Tuesday, 19 October 2010

On your marks... get set... Blog!!

Hurrah! I have a craft blog! :)

After years of crafting and posting about it on UKScrappers, and on BabyCentre, and mixing in the odd craft-related post with my fanfic, real life blogging and fandom-related witterings on LiveJournal, I have decided the time has come to have a proper craft-focused blog where I can share my enthusiasm, and my creations, without boring the pants off people who only read my LiveJournal cos they like Stargate:Atlantis! :lol:

I've been crafting - mostly scrapbooking with a bit of cardmaking thrown in - since around 2004, after my lovely sister-in-law (who is totally the enabler of my crafting addiction - *waves to Helen*) gave my hubby and I a beautiful 8x8 scrapbook of our wedding that she had made for us. She casually pointed out that she'd left a few blank page protectors at the back if I wanted to fill them and I said "Oooh, I could do some pages about our honeymoon!" and she took me to her local craft shops and helped me justify the huge amount of stash I bought to hubby... and the rest is history! :)

Since then I've gone through periods of crafting and times when I've drifted away from it but since moving house earlier this year and me finally having a craft room/office all my own - meaning I have a proper place to work and to store my stash and I don't have to keep pulling out boxes from cupboards in order to scrap and then packing it all away again when done - I have found myself getting massively remotivated in my crafting. I'm churning out LOs at an unprecedented (for me!) rate of notes and I'm also expanding my creativity and my skills and trying out new techniques and new areas of crafting; I've gotten into making ATCs (and boy, is that addictive!), I've made a decorated canvas, I've started making more complex cards like tri-fold shutter cards, rather than just using pre-made card blanks all the time... I've gotten hooked on stamping and started playing with different inks and different techniques, I've tried brayering, resist stamping, shimmer mists, you name it! I've also joined a team on UKS and am really enjoying that - great teamies to chat to and all sorts of motivation and creativity bouncing around!

I'm loving my new-found (re-found?) crafting motivation and hopefully this blog will be a part of that and I'll be able to share my enthusiam, ideas and projects with my fellow hopeless crafting addicts!

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kjjc said...

wow Ali. You really seem to have experimented with all sorts of techniques and crafty things. Great. Well done and well done on getting a blog going.

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