Thursday, 27 January 2011

Uhoh. My crafting days are over!!

So, in an attempt to get fit/lose weight, I ordered a Wii Fit Plus game with Balance Board (I've had my sister's Wii machine sitting around for the last couple of years but have never even plugged it in) and it came today. This evening I decided to try setting the board up and see how it works etc.

I only meant to spend maybe 20 minutes setting it up and having a quick go.

Around 2 hours later, I finally made myself switch the machine off! My mum and I had ended up bringing the baby up to the playroom in her moses basket and the pair of us had tried out several of the games/exercises, worked up a bit of a sweat and mostly laughed like drains at how incompetent we were at most of the games!

The damn machine is addictive! You think you'll just have a quick go and before you know it hours have passed! That's it. My crafting days are over. I'm officially a Wii addict! :lol:


☼ Cheryl* said...

They are really fun!!

Claire said...

My mum wants a balance board, but she can't even use her Wii :D Have fun :)

vixen said...

Well done Ali on purchising the wii fit game and board, I must dig ours out at some time and have a go lol I was useless at keeping in time lol like the ski jumping though that im good at and its fun.

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