Friday, 14 January 2011

Well, would you look at that!

Turns out there was actually a desk under all that mess and clutter! :lol:

I managed to get in my craft room the other night and have a really good tidy... cleared up all the scraps of card and paper and all the jars and tubs of glitter and embossing powder and paint dabbers and the inkpads and random chipboard die-cuts etc etc etc etc etc and rediscovered my desk surface! :) 

And look who was keeping me company while I tided! :D

It feels good to have a nice clear, tidy desk and I am now all set to get some crafting done! Little ones permitting... ;)


Glen said... sweeet...that little one of yours is just adorable Ali...then I saw your desk! LOL. Very tidy and ready to work on. Love your blog background. TFS. ~Glen~

Darcy Marshall said...

oh what adorable company to have, fabby desk, so much space.

Claire said...

Such cute company, and your desk is lovely & tidy

Katherine said...

What a gorgeous little person to keep you company - and super tidy craft room.


Ciara said...

I can't believe you have such a tidy desk when you have a newborn to look after! You must have tonnes of energy!

I had a peek at your new goodies further down - they look brill. I always feel like a kid in a sweetshop when new parcels of stash turn up!

HeARTworks said...

I love all that neat space ! You have a lovely baby and some cute stuffed friends! Patsy from

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